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CFO Services Expert

K. Venkatrangam, combines his professional education in finance with solid domain knowledge. He has worked for companies like TVS, Aircel, Airtel, Ford and RPG. Venkat and his team of seasoned professionals leverage their cross-industry experience in telecom, logistics, entertainment, technology and automobiles, to create a deep and enabling finance practice. Their expertise enables them to offer comprehensive services encompassing finance strategy, process design and operations.
finance practice snapshot CFO Services.

virtual CFO services

ยป business advisory

financial modelling | fund management | decision support | information system | reviews participation

ยป risk and assurance advisory

process study | gap analysis | mitigation plan | implementation study

ยป transaction advisory

ยป proposal making

ยป tax implication study

ยป documentation and compliance

ยป due diligence

ยป transfer pricing

ยป fund raising

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our services are designed to help clients drive governance and improve performance. The current suite covers all major finance & commercial functions, with a flexible approach to suit businesses of various sizes and different outsourcing strategies.

ยป virtual CFO

ยป procurement & vendor management

ยป setting up and managing supply chain policies & processes

ยป cloud based IT platform - procure to pay

ยป outsourced procurement services

ยป fixed assets accounting & insurance risk management

ยป advisory services on capitalization and depreciation methodology

ยป design and automation of fixed assets tracking

ยป cloud based IT tool for fixed assets management

ยป back office support for fixed assets record maintenance, insurance & claims handling

ยป accounts payable

ยป advisory services for vendor management

ยป business risk assessment and process gap analysis

ยป comprehensive cloud-based IT tool - procure to pay

ยป outsourced service for timely & accurate payables management

ยป accounts receivable

ยป advisory services for designing policies & processes for revenue recognition

ยป cloud based IT tool for managing receivables

ยป outsourced service for end to end management of receivables from invoicing to realisation including reporting support

ยป general ledger & financial reporting

ยป chart of accounts & accounting policies design advisory

ยป outsourcing of bookkeeping & accounting

ยป management accounting & decision support

ยป design and automation advisory for financial information system

ยป periodic management reporting as an outsourced activity

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CFO Services

CFO Services.

ยป robust, control laden application for greater visibility & control over all forms of organisational payouts.

ยป can be easily integrated with existing FAS

ยป designed to handle the requirements of both the manufacturing & service sectors

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significant experience in large marquee organisations

operating knowledge from diverse industries under one roof

10+ years of practitioning, with a roster of satisfied clients

enabling business with IT

in-house expertise for all critical business functions