evolving solutions
from the field,

not conference rooms.

pragmatic and grounded in business realities, the bedrock on which our services are built.

hr services in chennai,financial audits, call centre outsourcing

we offer clients a complete and complementary suite. Across business practices our services span from creating roadmaps to measuring results.

thinksynq’s strategic work goes beyond “what to do” and includes “how to do”, with clear measurable milestones to monitor progress to plan. We participate with client’s resources in strategy discussions with external stakeholders, providing the much-needed expert cover.

» business modelling

for new and established businesses

» segmentation

» market entry1 strategy

» strategic partnership tie ups

» organisation design

to synchronise revenue growth, customer engagement and cost optimisation

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» HR policies & procedure

framing HR policies and process audits that fit your organisational needs

» talent management services

to attract and retain talent through career planning, assessment centres, skill mapping & performance management

» talent development

roadmaps for structuring the process for talent management, team development and leadership development. Includes customised training solutions

» compensation

compensation structure redesign including tax optimisation and ESOP structuring

» employee engagement

engagement study, process design for internal communication & recognition. Programmes to increase employee motivation & morale

» senior level hiring,

resource identification & negotiation

» organisation effectiveness & change management

through improved organisation structure design, process mapping and manpower planning

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» business advisory

financial modelling | fund management | decision support | information system | reviews participation

» risk and assurance advisory

process study | gap analysis | mitigation plan | implementation study

» transaction advisory

» proposal making

» tax implication study

» documentation and compliance

» due diligence

» transfer pricing

» fund raising

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» sales system development

and implementing go-to-market strategy

» sales organisation structure design

along with people dimensioning & skill mapping

» channel profile, compensation structuring

combined with performance measurement and reporting design

» product positioning and pricing

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» customer lifecycle management

life cycle definition | customer segment determination & grouping | revenue wallet sizing | life cycle management process design | automation requirement | product / service redesign | customer engagement contact plan | skill mapping

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combining thinksynq’s business expertise with in-depth IT knowledge, we leverage tools, accelerators and frameworks to provide complete low-cost, high-quality solutions, enabling technology to power growth.

» solution architecture

» application architecture

» IT implementation services - both advisory and support

» network management & traffic analysis for telecom

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we offer process outsourcing services on an on-going basis across HR functions

» virtual CHRO

» payroll & compliance management

we offer clients a complete and complementary suite, from creating roadmaps to measuring results

» advisory services on pay structure & tax planning

» cloud based IT platform for payroll & compliance management

» execution support in payroll preparation & data analysis

» talent management

our services across key business practices>

» advisory services to design PMS & career planning process.

» cloud based IT platform tailored for talent management

» ongoing services to help develop key resources

» exit management

» advisory services to design the exit management process

» IT tool to schedule exit interviews

» execution support to manage exit dialogue process & attrition analytics.

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our services are designed to help clients drive governance and improve performance. The current suite covers all major finance & commercial functions, with a flexible approach to suit businesses of various sizes and different outsourcing strategies.

» virtual CFO

» procurement & vendor management

» setting up and managing supply chain policies & processes

» cloud based IT platform procur to pay

» outsourced procurement services

» fixed assets accounting & insurance risk management

» advisory services on capitalization and depreciation methodology

» design and automation of fixed assets tracking

» cloud based IT tool for fixed assets management

» back office support for fixed assets record maintenance, insurance & claims handling

» accounts payable

» advisory services for vendor management

» business risk assessment and process gap analysis

» comprehensive cloud-based IT tool - procure to pay

» outsourced service for timely & accurate payables management

» accounts receivable management

» advisory services for designing policies & processes for revenue recognition

» cloud based IT tool for managing receivables

» outsourced service for end to end management of receivables from invoicing to realisation including reporting support

» general ledger & financial reporting

» chart of accounts & accounting policies design advisory

» outsourcing of bookkeeping & accounting

» management accounting & decision support

» design and automation advisory for financial information system

» periodic management reporting as an outsourced activity

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» sales process design,

hand-holding for execution of sales strategies & capability building

» virtual CSO

» training & skill development

need identification for all levels of sales people and training through external resource

» kra design & incentive programs,

design and implementation support for reviews

cost effective customer engagement through tele-callers, this service is suited for any customer facing company in need of standardising processes & proactively engaging customers.

» virtual CC head

» virtual account management (VAM)

» customer life cycle management for large customer base

» backed by proprietary IT platform

» virtual partner management (VPM)

» proactive partner management solution for ensuring policy communication, issue resolutions, training and process compliance

» responsive IT application

» backend support of experienced accounting professionals

» warranty & amc management

» ongoing service for customer engagement during the warranty period

» support for migration to AMC or renewals

» issue resolution

» campaign management

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» all-encompassing platform with feature rich applications to manage major business functions like HR, Finance, CRM, Sales

» built for easy integration with any FAS system

» flexible solution architecture both in terms of product design & integration with existing IT infrastructure

» modular structure to aid adoption of automation at a pace dictated by the customer

» industry-neutral & customisable

» Java/PHP technology with MySQL data base

» mobile interface in Android & iOS

» cloud-enabled

» comprehensive HRMS solution designed for employee lifecycle management.

» functionalities range from creation of organisational structure to processing of separation and settlement.

» the solution has capabilities to handle the varying requirements of both the manufacturing & service sectors.

While we advise using the entire tool for optimal outcomes, clients can opt for individual modules as well.

  • » structure
  • » payroll & compliance
  • » talent management
  • » learning & development
  • » employee relations management
  • » business travel

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» robust, control laden application for greater visibility & control over all forms of organisational payouts.

» can be easily integrated with existing FAS

» designed to handle the requirements of both the manufacturing & service sectors

While we advise using the entire tool for optimal outcomes, clients can opt for individual modules as well.

  • » procure to pay
  • » fixed assets
  • » petty cash

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» strategic & modular solution for multi-channel management to ensure effective customer reach

» capability to handle all critical stages of sales cycle - prospecting, order management and collections

» built to handle channel sales, B2B, B2C and Modern Trade

While we advise using the entire tool for optimal outcomes, clients can opt for individual modules as well.

  • » sales management
  • » lead management
  • » collection management

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» best in class CRM solution that provides one customer view for effective customer management, issue resolution and proactive customer engagement

» existing customer issue management with escalations and right resolutions

» pro-active triggers on customer satisfaction for effective customer engagement

» knowledge bank for right problem identification

While we advise using the entire tool for optimal outcomes, clients can opt for individual modules as well.

  • » complaint management
  • » advanced CRM
  • » warranty & service management
  • » partner management

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