evolving solutions
from the field,

not conference rooms.

pragmatic and grounded in business realities, the bedrock on which our services are built.

hr services in chennai,financial audits, call centre outsourcing

we offer process outsourcing services on an on-going basis across HR functions

» virtual CHRO

» payroll & compliance management

we offer clients a complete and complementary suite, from creating roadmaps to measuring results

» advisory services on pay structure & tax planning

» cloud based IT platform for payroll & compliance management

» execution support in payroll preparation & data analysis

» talent management

our services across key business practices>

» advisory services to design PMS & career planning process.

» cloud based IT platform tailored for talent management

» ongoing services to help develop key resources

» exit management

» advisory services to design the exit management process

» IT tool to schedule exit interviews

» execution support to manage exit dialogue process & attrition analytics.

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our services are designed to help clients drive governance and improve performance. The current suite covers all major finance & commercial functions, with a flexible approach to suit businesses of various sizes and different outsourcing strategies.

» virtual CFO

» procurement & vendor management

» setting up and managing supply chain policies & processes

» cloud based IT platform procur to pay

» outsourced procurement services

» fixed assets accounting & insurance risk management

» advisory services on capitalization and depreciation methodology

» design and automation of fixed assets tracking

» cloud based IT tool for fixed assets management

» back office support for fixed assets record maintenance, insurance & claims handling

» accounts payable

» advisory services for vendor management

» business risk assessment and process gap analysis

» comprehensive cloud-based IT tool - procure to pay

» outsourced service for timely & accurate payables management

» accounts receivable management

» advisory services for designing policies & processes for revenue recognition

» cloud based IT tool for managing receivables

» outsourced service for end to end management of receivables from invoicing to realisation including reporting support

» general ledger & financial reporting

» chart of accounts & accounting policies design advisory

» outsourcing of bookkeeping & accounting

» management accounting & decision support

» design and automation advisory for financial information system

» periodic management reporting as an outsourced activity

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» sales process design,

hand-holding for execution of sales strategies & capability building

» virtual CSO

» training & skill development

need identification for all levels of sales people and training through external resource

» kra design & incentive programs,

design and implementation support for reviews

cost effective customer engagement through tele-callers, this service is suited for any customer facing company in need of standardising processes & proactively engaging customers.

» virtual CC head

» virtual account management (VAM)

» customer life cycle management for large customer base

» backed by proprietary IT platform

» virtual partner management (VPM)

» proactive partner management solution for ensuring policy communication, issue resolutions, training and process compliance

» responsive IT application

» backend support of experienced accounting professionals

» warranty & amc management

» ongoing service for customer engagement during the warranty period

» support for migration to AMC or renewals

» issue resolution

» campaign management

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