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a virtual CFO service tailor-made solution for your business

your virtual CFO takes on the role of a forward-thinking strategist whose primary aim is to provide precise insights to help move the growth needle forward in business. While increasing cash flow & boosting profit margins shows an immediate impact, chalking out a financial strategy enables rapid growth. Your virtual CFO also takes care of improving your growth momentum. No business is too big or too small to derive benefits from virtual CFO services.

how a virtual CFO can help your business grow?

finances are the fuel that enables businesses to sustain & power ahead. More often than not, insufficient controls in areas of accounting and reporting and oversight on detailing the entire gamut of financial control hold companies back. Up to a certain scale, business owners can play an active role in the finance function, managing banking relationships, working capital needs, reporting, and tracking transactions. Lack of bandwidth results in key roles like managing internal control and risk, performing detailed financial analysis, tax planning, and planning for the financial future taking the back seat. If you find yourself in a situation similar to the crossroads mentioned above with your business, then opting for a Virtual CFO is indeed the best solution. A virtual CFO fills up this glaring gap for small and medium-sized businesses. Virtual CFO services enable businesses to get the complete advantages of an in-house CFO without the expense of hiring one full-time. Additionally, savings accrue by not recruiting & training high-level accounting and finance staff who are usually part of the CFO team structure. Businesses also get the benefit of financial professionals who are able to consistently apply new knowledge and best practices obtained through professional development and services rendered with other clients across sectors. Small and medium-sized businesses benefit with the expertise & vision of a CFO who brings to the table sophistication of financial processes which is otherwise unattainable.

your virtual CFO steers your financial operations & envisages growth by

      managing accounting and treasury functions 

      maintaining internal control by establishing the best industry practices

      formulating long-term planning, including finalization of budgets

      implement budgetary control mechanism

      preparing and analyzing financial reports

      effective tax management

      monitor risks and implementation of risk management

      maintain investor and banking relationship

      evaluate financial needs and plan the fund raise

In summary, every small and medium-sized business definitely needs a virtual CFO

because a vast majority of large corporates hire a CFO as an integral member of the executive team. Forward-looking businesses view their CFOs as strategic partners of the chief executive officer (CEO) to analyze the decisions' impact on finance. However, for growing SMEs, a virtual CFO who delivers on all fronts as a top financial executive for a fraction of the cost of an in-house CFO is a much-needed solution. virtual CFO will ensure that the following crucial areas in finance functions are faring well

      business forecasting short-term credit monitoring arrangement to long term planning

      internal control & financial governance

      opportunity evaluation (PE, Contracts, IPO, M&As)

      planning roadmap for fundraising & designing the investment structures & SPVs

      banking & investor relationship

      inventory control and integration with accounts

      improving the external credit rating

      resolution of legal & taxation matters

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