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thinksynq’s expansive engagement with an innovative agri-services company

at a glance

EM3 Agri Services, the first serious corporate foray into agriculture, aimed at taking mechanisation to small & medium farms, followed by more advanced automation and other services, for increasing yields and thereby the income of the farmer.

thinksynq started off by developing manual processes and systems to handle operations in a single market. Soon, the client, realising the practice depth of the team, got thinksynq to consult on all aspects of the business, strategy, business & financial planning, policies, processes & systems, and technology strategy.

thinksynq helped EM3 reshape its strategy keeping both the key stakeholders’ - “farmer” and “company” interests in mind. The complete financial model was re-done and thinksynq helped in operationalising the model till the right resources were identified and inducted into the system.

EM3 Agri-services, the innovative brainchild of a successful corporate executive and his son, is the first serious corporate entry into agriculture. The project was to take mechanisation to small & medium size farms, followed by more advanced automation & intervention for higher yields.

thinksynq’s association goes back to the early stages of the company, when it developed manual processes and systems to handle operations in a single market. The engagement got progressively deeper, as the client realised the practice depth of the team. Soon, it became more of a partnership, with thinksynq giving advice on all business aspects.

thinksynq made important changes to the firm’s strategic approach, rewriting the entire model to rest on two key pillars – what is in it for the farmers (yield and income improvement) and what is in it for EM3 (deep engagement and providing multiple services). Consequently, the entire business plan and financial model was rebuilt by thinksynq.

At present, thinksynq’s continued engagement with EM3 Agri covers the following areas:

rejigging the business strategy for accelerated farmer acquisition and increasing service depth subsequently for deeper farmer engagement. thinksynq is actively engaged in operationalising this strategy including setting up a model farm for testing its hypothesis.

coordinating between the client and a strategic foreign investor for the next round of funding

developing a comprehensive IT strategy in sync with the business model, to provide a platform for enabling deep farmer engagement at manageable costs.

developing policies, systems and processes including Delegation of Authority.

debt finance arrangement for farm equipment related capital expenditure.

designing the sales and operations systems, and assisting in pricing and incentives.

implementation support for procurement strategy and cost management.

operations team dimensioning with support for actual implementation including handholding.

designing and implementing a Lead Management system application to help in demand generation.

participating in monthly review meetings to assist in improving business performance.