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how thinksynq helps a private educational institution manage over 40,000 students across four campuses

at a glance

a large private university was rapidly expanding and needed a financial system in place to manage its scaling up. Initially, the assignment was limited to finance, accounting and budgetary control.

seeing the team’s involvement and thoroughness, the engagement soon included customizing, designing and implementing of ERP systems, including a proprietary application for the student lifecycle.

in the 10+ years of association, thinksynq implemented not only necessary processes and systems but also automated their operations to equip the University to manage growth in a structured way.

thinksynq’s association with a private educational institution began in 2008, when the institute had just inaugurated its second campus. Being cash-rich, the institution never had the compulsion to closely monitor and manage fund requirement and deployment. But a change was clearly required with newer campuses and a larger student/faculty body being added.

The institute was finding it difficult to devise a planning and monitoring mechanism and called in thinksynq to develop and implement budgetary control systems. After observing the ad hoc nature of fund allocation, and lack of experience among the academic staff in preparing Annual Operating Plans and Budgets, the team knew that to make it work, enabling the University team was of utmost importance.

thinksynq prepared AOPs for three years, working closely with the departments, and making sure that they were able to do the same independently. It redefined the Chart of Accounts and Accounting manual so as to enable better monitoring and reporting.

Soon the client came to thinksynq with another area of concern. Despite spending crores on an ERP system for purchases, payroll etc., they were unable to implement it.

thinksynq assisted in the entire automation process covering student lifecycle management, a bespoke application and a customised purchase and HRMS systems, to suit the unique needs of the institution.

the key difference was in the active role played by thinksynq in implementation. The team was closely involved in hand-holding and training users. It also continued to refine the product based on user feedback to ensure full implementation.

thinkpeople, the HRMS application customised by thinksynq had additional features to handle the UGC pay scale requirements. The payroll application handles more than 2,500 employees, their attendance, leave application & approvals, TDS self-declaration, TDS deductions, statutory compliances and mobile application of self-care.

for purchasing, the thinkmoney, IT tool was implemented and it handles more than 1,500 purchase requests and 1,000 purchase orders per month through its expansive procure to pay module.

the student life cycle management application, has been developed to be as flexible as possible to cover the entire gamut of activities in a student life cycle, starting from a student’s application till course completion.


ensured automation of operations such as student lifecycle, procurement and HR management. This initiative included installing a comprehensive HRMS used by 2500 employees for both admin & payroll, and a procurement system which handles more than 2500 indents, orders & requests per month.

currently, processes & systems recommended, designed and implemented help the University manage 40,000 students & admin across 4 campuses.

facilitated fund raising to the tune of Rs.1000 crores

helped the University instill a culture of financial discipline and control, which held the institute in good stead, when it grew from 1 to 4 campuses