creating the connect

helping Hutchison Max (now Vodafone) connect to the enterprise segment through market entry strategy

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at a glance

in 2007, the companyĺs first assignment was to articulate a structured entry strategy into the enterprise segment for Hutchison Max (Vodafone) with optimum capital expenditure. Lack of strong data network was impeding growth in the enterprise segment inspite of being a market leader in B2C.

rolling up their sleeves, the nascent thinksynq team plunged into the assignment, with the scope of work involving:

market entry strategy for data, fixed line & mobile voice revenue in the enterprise segment.

mapping the fiber optic network capacity with target customers and estimating network upgrade requirements keeping both effort and cost in view.

Product positioning by determining segment specific products required for all three revenue lines

creating a process & administration roadmap for key account management system, sales organisation structure, business and financial model for a ten-year period

in 2007, when K. Krishnan was setting up thinksynq as a strategic management consulting company to provide and implement business strategy , he got a call from the MD of Hutchison Max (Vodafone). The company wanted Krishnan to assist in developing market entry strategy for the enterprise business. Though thinksynq was not even registered then, it was a plum business strategy planning opportunity, too precious to let go of!

the brief from Hutchison was simple: find a workable business strategy to enter and sustain in the enterprise segment, with optimum capital expenditure. Though it was already a top mobile brand, in the B2C segment, lack of a strong data network handicapped it in the enterprise segment.

K Krishnan went to work, by first engaging resources from the company, internal people with sound understanding of the telecom industry, its processes & operations. The team then plunged into the assignment, with the scope of work involving:

market identification down to exact physical location, to pinpoint fiber optic network availability

assessing potential for all business streams (data, land line voice and mobile voice revenue). Mapping the exsistent fiber optic network capacity and estimating fresh requirements both in terms of effort and cost.

product choices determining segment specific products required in all three categories

process & administration roadmap creation for key account management, sales organisation structure, business and financial model for a ten-year period.

the project was completed in six months and a comprehensive report submitted for implementation. It concluded with a formal meeting with key Vodafone resources from UK.


a comprehensive report was submitted, and the project closed with a successful meeting with key Vodafone resources from the UK

the assignment positioned thinksynq as strategy planning consultants with a very different approach, who knew both the big picture as well as the nuts & bolts of the industry/project they were handling.

The market entry and strategy planning was done with a client recruited resource which resulted in proper execution, post the report handover.