To promote or fire? To nourish or neglect?

You must be tired of listening to the value of attracting the right human resources and retaining them for your business. A business that is just getting started is like your new backyard garden. There is less space, you are strapped for resources, it needs back-breaking efforts and yet the yield has to be fulfilling!

Potting, re-potting, and pruning your plants are very similar to how you nurture your employees in the business. Which are the ones you allow to grow and flourish? Who are the weeds that need to be gotten rid of and who merely needs a role change? Tough call, right? Remember – weeds can take over that little backyard space of yours in no time. You nourish the wrong plant- you are wasting your resources.

Let us get started with the fences first.

  •  Set up a process with realistic goals and key parameters first. Monitor closely and track.
  • Rope in both short-term and long-term goals. People skills should not be ignored.
  • Interact with your staff from time to time. Sitting on a high horse means sitting under a rock, today.
  • Smart work and hard work matter. Smart work alone is overrated.
  • Steer away from bias and influence. Getting slapped with a discrimination suit is the last thing you want.
  • Engage with employees. Be wary of social media usage. Negative posts become viral before you blink.
  • Give your employees their voice. Be subtle when you nudge the quiet ones. Your backyard could be home to some unpolished gems too!


Knowing the pulse of your employees sets the tone of what you can plan for their growth and eventually that of the business. Pruning out the bad plants is an essential exercise too, but be sure to catch them early. Allow your little haven to blossom beautifully; do not attempt to turn over all of the soil overnight.

Team Thinksynq can help set up a comprehensive people management system in place for you. Reach out to us and let us get our hands dirty together!

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